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Recent News from the Campaign

Recent News from the Campaign

Residents Rally for Paid Sick Days
for All New Yorkers

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After many years of activism, paid sick leave advocates and lawmakers have agreed on a paid sick time bill in New York City that was voted on & passed the City Council.

Key Provisions of the New York City Paid Sick Time Act

As of April 1, 2014, workers in businesses with 5 or more employees will be able to earn up to 5 paid sick days a year to care for themselves or certain family members; Workers in businesses with less than 5 employees will receive job protection for up to 5 unpaid sick days a year, ensuring that they can't be fired when they or their family members are sick.1 Employees must have worked for at least 4 months before being able to take sick leave, and part time workers will be included. Work study students are excluded. Workers in chains and franchises are covered by the bill.

Firms that already meet the minimum requirements of the bill will not have to provide any additional leave. The Department of Consumer Affairs will enforce the bill. Complaints must be filed with the enforcement agency within nine months, and complaints can be filed by employees, former employees, or third parties.

1 These numbers are based on the number of private sector workers by business establishment size as per analysis by Community Service Society of 2010 County Business Pattern Census Data.